At the IFE Conference 2024, formerly known as CIIE, International Conference on Educational Innovation, the Artificial Intelligence in Education Summit will take place.

IFE Conference 2024 will be held from January 23 to 25, 2024, at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico.

This Summit is organized by the Institute for the Future of Education in collaboration with the Vice-Rectory of Educational Innovation and Academic Regulation, Vice-Presidency of Digital Transformation, and the University of Southern New Hampshire.

Objetive: Facilitate interdisciplinary discussions on AI’s role in shaping the future of education and lifelong learning and identify strategies and experiences for effective AI integration into educational practices.


Three days of keynote presentations, panels, and workshops focused on three highly relevant artificial intelligence topics for universities.

AI use for Improving the Teaching-Learning Process

AI is revolutionizing education, enhancing student motivation, and aiding teachers in resource preparation. Universities discuss AI’s role in automating assessments, personalizing learning experiences, detecting at-risk students, and improving well-being. Additionally, AI examines behaviors using various signals and helps identify and bridge skill gaps, preparing students for future job demands.

Equity, Inclusion, Ethics, and Privacy

AI has spurred discussions about ethics, especially when biases emerge from historical data used in training. In the delicate realm of education, concerns revolve around maintaining academic integrity, promoting equity for all students irrespective of their backgrounds, preventing exclusion and algorithmic bias, and safeguarding data privacy. Furthermore, AI offers the potential to broaden access to education and provide flexibility, such as enhancing online courses and enabling round-the-clock learning through virtual aids.

AI as a Game Changer in Education

AI is transforming both digital and physical realms, affecting labor and consumer experiences, and prompting shifts in educational methodologies. Discussions focus on AI’s impact on university models, the symbiotic relationship between education and AI refinement, and the potential risks involved. AI also offers administrative efficiencies but requires operational infrastructure and robust data policies to ensure effective implementation and security.

AI in Education Summit Opening

Paul LeBlanc

Presidente, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

Michael Fung

Director Ejecutivo del Instituto para el Futuro de la Educación
Tecnológico de Monterrey

Location: Sala Mayor

Panel Featured Event: AI in Education: Insights to guide the Development of Ethical and Effective Policies in a Rapidly evolving field of AI in Education

Rose Luckin

Professor of Learner Centred Design UCL Knowledge Lab

Susana Irene Díaz Rodríguez

Vicerrectora de Investigación Universidad de Oviedo

Carlos Iván Moreno

Rector de UDG Virtual


Luis Serra

Asociate Dean of Research, School of Social Sciences and Government
Tecnológico de Monterrey

Location: Sala Mayor Rectoría